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Alan and Kaitlyn travel the world! From Thailand to Tasmania and Hobart to Hobbiton

Things we miss from home...

We're in the last month of our trip, and we've been talking about all the things we miss from home. Surprisingly, we haven't been too homesick throughout the trip, but there are definitely some things we miss. Here's our list:

  • obviously our family & friends!
  • not being able to be there for important moments.
  • our bed! we've had some not-so-comfy ones on our travels.
  • video games...really want to play some Mario right now!
  • watching hockey.
  • an oven to do some baking...we did make apple crumble a couple times in Melbourne though!
  • other kitchen appliances, like our popcorn maker and slow cooker, and even just some basic normal kitchen things.
  • biking! Alan misses his bike.
  • clothes...some variety other than the 5-7 outfits we have with us.
  • our car (Bullet Bill), and having the ability to just get in and drive wherever.
  • Alan misses winter. Kaitlyn does not.
  • having a home to come back to every day.

We went through a period in the middle of Vietnam where we both were a little tired of traveling and having to make decisions on where to stay, what to eat, over and over each day. We got over it though and got back to the swing of things. I think we were done with Asia by the time we left though - it gets tiring after awhile. A classic camping roadtrip in New Zealand was just what we needed as a change of pace. Some familiar food, language, and a bit more freedom about what we could visit and do each day was nice. We also spent a week with Kaitlyn's cousin in Auckland; it was a bit more "normal" to spend some time in one place with family and kids and a regular house.

Having said that, I think we'll be a bit happy to be home in the end. I'm sure a week or two after we get back, we'll be itching to leave again though and travel somewhere new. Maybe next we should write about our thoughts of future destinations! :P

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