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Temples & Tuk-tuks

Alan and Kaitlyn travel the world! From Thailand to Tasmania and Hobart to Hobbiton

Kuala Lumpur

KL was definitely a bit more expensive than the rest of our Southeast Asia trip, which we weren't really expecting. We had a hard time finding a place to stay that was good but not expensive; we ended up with one in Chinatown (right beside Petaling Street) that was not that great, but could have been worse. It had one outlet in the entire room (which made it tricky to charge all of our devices) and the bathroom door was a bit odd; I kept getting stuck in because I couldn't get the door back open. It was clean though, which was good! It said it came with free WiFi, and I read several reviews that mentioned how great the connection was. Unfortunately we found it to be pretty non-existant. It would work for about 30 seconds every couple hours, and randomly cut out. We didn't end up buying a sim card in Malaysia since we were only here for four days, so that kind of sucked. It was hard to look up what we should do (and to plan ahead for Australia) when we didn't have internet.

Petaling Street

We had trouble finding food at first; everything was expensive. Once we got a bit out of Petaling Street, though, we had better luck finding cheaper food. We found a Chinese cafe-type restaurant just down the street for lunch on our second full day, which had really yummy smoothie drinks with jellies, and pretty good food. It also had free WiFi, so we spent a lot of time there and went back every day after that for lunch!

Dinner in Chinatown

It's definitely a lot more westernized in KL than the rest of Southeast Asia, and a lot more multicultural. There are a ton of big fancy malls in KL; I don't know how they can keep them all going! We found some good teppanyaki food in a food court in Pavillion Mall for dinner one night; they cooked it all in front of us, and it came with a lot of food.

teppanyaki in KL

There was a free bus that went around the touristy areas that was amazing. We only had to pay for transit on the way to and from the airport! The bus was pretty frequent (every 15-20 minutes or so) and had air conditioning and free WiFi as well.

One of our first stops was the Petronas Towers, because that's just what you go see when you go to KL! They were huge! There's a nice park behind it (KLCC Park) which we wandered around when we went back our last day; Alan found a few geocaches there as well.

Petronas Towers by day KLCC Park

We came back at a later point to see the Towers at night all lit up. We happened upon a couple photography shoots.

Petronas Towers at night

We also visited the Planetarium, which was free! It was a pretty good museum, and there were a ton of kids there. It also had a small tower which you could go up and look around the city. There was an area with lots of pictures photographers had taken of the sky, northern lights, and stars, which was all really cool.


The other museum we went to was the Islamic Arts Museum. I get bored with museums after awhile, and this one seemed a bit too long... but some of it was interesting. Alan really liked it, though!
They had a lot of information about the spread of Islam through Asia and Africa, a huge collection of early Qu'rans, and quite a lot of artifacts, rugs, jewelry, etc. As usual we ran out of time and we were kicked out as the museum shut. It's becoming a usual occurence with us.

Islamic Arts Museum

The National Mosque was also really cool; there are only certain times that visitors are allowed in, and luckily we arrived right after it opened up again. We had to put on robes so that we were more covered up. There was a big prayer room that only Muslims were allowed in. The direction of the prayer room faces towards Mecca.

National Mosque National Mosque National Mosque

On our last full day we visited Merdeka Square, which is where the Union Jack was lowered for the last time and the Malaysian flag was raised! It's an old cricket field and has one of the tallest flags in the world??? From Merdeka Square we walked over through Little India, and had some of the cheapest Indian food we'd ever had! It was really yummy too.

Merdeka Square Merdeka Square flag

Instead of going up the Petronas Towers, which were expensive, we decided to go up the KL Tower instead. We were going to go up at night, but it was a bit foggy and raining, so we went up during the day on our last day instead. You get really awesome views of the whole city! It was still a bit hazy further away, but you could see pretty far.

View from KL Tower

Some other points of interest: the National Monument

National Monument the main KL train station

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